News: Daniel Kitson Confirms Two Last Minute Edinburgh Shows

London Run For Daniel Kitson

Daniel Kitson has confirmed that he will be performing two runs of two different shows at the Edinburgh Fringe this summer. Tickets go on sale today.

They will be at The Stand and Paines Plough Roundabout at Summerhall. The shows at The Stand are likely to be more stand-up while the shows at Summerhall may have a more theatrical bent.:

The show at the Roundabout is called Shenanigan and is on at 10.35pm from the 4th to the 18th of August (not Tuesdays or Fridays) and will be between 60 and 90 minutes long. The show at the Stand is called Everything Smells of Orange and is on at 5pm from the 5th to the 25th of August. (Not Tuesdays) and will be 60 minutes long.

Kitson says that these are not billed at works-in-progress because the plan is not for them to lead anywhere. He added on his newsletter that: "There may be some stuff from the recent Regents Park show in Either, Neither or Both of these shows and I imagine I’ll be muddying the boundaries of genre with text book audacity, knowing me."

Daniel Kitson Edinburgh Details:  


On most Tuesdays, I go to a café before football for lunch with my friends Tim and Isy. Last week, the café had a really appealing special on the board which involved roasted cauliflower, pickled cabbage and babaganoush. The lady behind the counter referred to it as “The Shenanigan”. 

Which I very much enjoyed. This show will have absolutely nothing to do with that meal, that lady, that café, those friends, playing football or Tuesdays but I have to call it something otherwise they can’t put it in the system. 

Something new, vaguely experimental, unfinished and frankly, quite unlikely to ever be finished, by Daniel Kitson.   

Tickets go on sale today, July 17th, at 3pm at this link.


Everything Smells of Orange. 

Daniel Kitson, having not made anything unequivocally good for years and years and years, now displays a charmless lack of respect for a tolerant if dwindling audience, a supportive venue and, actually, the greatest arts festival in the world, by filling a slot at the last minute, doing very little work, making no discernible progress and charging everyone five pounds to watch. 

All tickets are 5 pounds. 

The stand will hold 15-20 tickets back for sale on the door on the day of the show, please contact them for details on how that’ll happen. 

The rest of the tickets will go on sale today, July 17th, at noon at the following link. 

Picture: Daniel Kitson fannying about/preparing for his show at Summerhall a few years ago. © Bruce Dessau





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