News: New Sarah Millican Panel Show

News: New Sarah Millican Panel Show

Sarah Millican hosts Elephant in the Room, a new panel show using surveys to discover who is the most Average Jolene, and who is the most Maverick Matilda. This first panel features Kathy Burke, Liz Carr, Desiree Burch and Tom Allen.

Surveys on subjects including childhood, daily rituals and favourite cheese are the basis for Sarah's questions to the panellists, discovering who is the closest to, and furthest from, the average. Surprising quirks, hilarious insights and unexpected anecdotes are revealed along the way.

The winner will be the most average. But joint winner will be the most different, the furthest from the norm.

A Chopsy production for BBC Radio 4

Elephant in the Room, Thursdays from June 27, Radio 4, 11pm. 


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