News: New Podcast From Rosie Jones and Helen Bauer With Guests Nish Kumar, Sophie Duker and Ed Gamble.

Comedians Rosie Jones and Helen Bauer are to release a new podcast entitled Daddy Look at Me.

‘Daddy Look at Me’ will launch on Thursday 20th June. It draws on Bauer and Jones’ own experiences of fame and is a raucous exploration of why some people are destined to become stars. In each episode, they invite a fellow comedian onto the show to identify the pivotal moments in their lives that set them on the path for comedy - and their voracious need for attention. The weekly 30-45-minute show will launch with three episodes with star guests Nish Kumar, Sophie Duker and Ed Gamble. Guests including Tom Allen, Suzi Ruffell, Sindhu Vee, Harriet Kemsley and more will appear later in the series. 

The company releasing it, Studio71 UK, has previously released ‘F**ks Given’ with YouTubers Come Curious and ‘Mystery on the Rocks’ with comedians Chris Stokes, Masud Milas and Sooz Kempner. The podcast division from the global media company’s UK arm was launched in May 2018 with the release of ‘Educating Josh’, and now includes comedy, health and wellness, sex and relationships, current affairs, food and film shows.

Tom Payne, Head of Content at Studio71 UK says “We’ve absolutely loved creating these two new podcasts with Alexandra, Rosie and Helen – incredible and very different personalities who will bring something different to the audio world. We’re excited to be expanding into new verticals too with the launch of ‘Come for Supper’ and will continue our commitment to recognising interesting, relevant talent to work on our growing roster of podcasts.”

Hear the trailer on iTunes and Spotify



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