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Jester Jacobs

When it comes to hip hop Beyond The Joke is not that much more knowledgeable than Miranda Hart, who apparently thought that Kanye West was a tube station. But comedian Jester Jacobs' new song Ham, which pays homage to pork products over a buzzing electronic beat, is weirdly watchable, strangely disturbing and all a bit Ali-G-meets-Beastie Boys. In his video a gang of hoodies score gammon and various other pig-based meats in a supermarket, pile it into their trolley and take it back home to their 'hood where they chop it up into lines with a well-known loyalty card. Jacob's rap explains their chosen way of chilling out: "My crew wild, raise a few smiles, with true style, head straight for the reduced aisle." Not sure is his mother would approve though. Never mind the gangster poses, Jacobs is Jewish and ham is definitely not kosher. Beyond the Joke was sent the video earlier this week but we only just saw it as it was accidentally sent to our Spam folder.

Watch Ham here.


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