News: Omid Djalili Pens Autobiography

Omid Djalili has signed a deal to write his autobiography. Headline will publish the book this autumn. The book, which does not have a title at the moment, will tell the story of the Anglo-Iranian comedian’s “unconventional childhood growing up in London helping to run the family business for visiting Iranians who came to the UK for health reasons”.

Publishers Headline say that Djalili “narrowly escaped a career in medical translation as by the age of 10 he was fluent in translating words like 'angiogram' and 'pleural effusions' into Farsi. From there he takes us through his 13 A-level attempts and his arrival at the university of Ulster where, in contrast to his home life, he found true connection and relaxing solitude against the backdrop of Northern Ireland at the height of the troubles. It was here he decided that a life in show business was the only secure option he had left.”

Djalili said: “As someone said somewhere in one of Oscar Wilde's plays (you see a degree in Drama paid off, university was NOT wasted): "I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train. As such I've been asked to write an autobiography. It's the most exciting book I've ever read. I heartily recommend it.”

According to the story in The Bookseller, this is just the first volume of his autobiography, so it is not clear whether the story will come right up to date, taking in his recent stage work playing Fagin in Oliver!, starring in the David Baddiel-scripted movie The Infidel and appearing in ITV1's Splash!

Djalili is also touring this autumn. Details here.

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