News: Short Film for Jack Whitehall, Lolly Adefope, Ellie White

jack whitehall, ellie white, lolly adefope in luger
luger with lolly adefope and ellie white

Jack Whitehall, Lolly Adefope and Ellie White star in a new film entitled Luger

The new short comedy film is written by Whitehall's regular collaborator Freddy Syborn, who penned the Sky hit Bounty Hunters and the BBC sitcom Bad Education with the stand-up comedian/actor. It is directed by Freddie Waters, who worked on the live film Jack Whitehall at Large.

Tom (Whitehall) is in for a surprise when he meets his elderly grandfather's two carers (Adefope and White). Not only do they appear to be at war but when he discovers a mysterious object in the kitchen things take a dark turn...

Watch Luger here


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