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The BBC has launched its first ebook for aspiring comedy writers. Writing For Radio Comedy teaches the tricks of the trade through clips, videos, scripts and specially commissioned articles.  The fully interactive guide features sections on writing non-commissioned topical and non-topical sketches, through to additional writing on flagship series like The Now Show and The News Quiz, to how to develop an award-winning BBC Radio comedy.

Little Britain, Flight Of The Conchords, The Mighty Boosh and Miranda all started life as hit BBC Radio series before moving to TV. Topical radio comedies like Weekending gave huge numbers of writers their first break and BBC Radio Comedy - through shows like Newsjack and The Show What You Wrote - remains an open door to new writing talent.

Writing For Radio Comedy was created as part of a BBC ebook trial. It was produced by Frankie Ward and exec produced by Will Saunders for BBC Comedy Production.

Shane Allen, BBC Controller of Comedy Commissioning, says: “Radio Comedy is a crucial breeding ground - it gives new writers a chance to hone and define their voice. I’m so pleased we’ve got a new way of showing young writers that the BBC wants to work with them.”

Caroline Raphael, Commissioning Editor for Fiction and Comedy at Radio 4 and 4 Extra, says: “BBC Radio 4 and Radio 4 Extra are very proud of their open-door comedy shows such as The Show What You Wrote and Newsjack. But this magic book will ensure that even more inspiring writers can watch, listen and read and push that door open.”

Jane Berthoud, Head of BBC Radio Comedy, says: “BBC Radio Comedy has given huge numbers of people in comedy their first writing break, from Douglas Adams to Stewart Lee and Miranda Hart. And through shows like Newsjack and The Show What You Wrote we continue to do this. Now here is a brilliantly practical aid for these new writers: a fully interactive book that will help you to see what we do and talk you through, step by step, how to get started on this journey.”

Will Saunders, Exec Producer, BBC Comedy, says: “Radio comedy is a writers’ medium, so why not publish a book for them?”

Writing For Radio Comedy is available as a free download in the iBookstore here and as a website via the BBC Academy. Read it here.


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