TV Preview: White Gold, BBC2

The year is 1985. Eight months have passed since Vincent Swan (Ed Westwick) - Essex’s premier and most amoral double glazing salesman - teamed up with gangster Ronnie (Lee Ross) and forced his boss Walshy (Nigel Lindsay) to sell Cachet Windows to them for a measly pound coin.

But after a brief honeymoon period, it turns out having a massively dangerous and violent criminal for a boss isn’t that much fun. And this isn’t helped by the fact that Vincent owes Ronnie £50,000.

Still, Vincent’s got the massive house and middle-class lifestyle he’d always wanted to give his wife Sam (Linzey Cocker). Sam wants to keep it that way, too - but when the Swan’s snooty neighbours sign a contract for a brand new conservatory made by - of course - Cachet Windows, alarm bells start to ring.

Back at Cachet, disillusioned salesman Lavender (Joe Thomas, pictured) is trying to finally take control of his career, while Fitzpatrick (James Buckley) is left to pick up the pieces when his wife leaves him for her aerobics instructor, while he spends his evenings locked in the garden shed.

But at least business is booming - or it is just before a new rival salesman appears, ripping it up around town and stealing most of Cachet’s business. The team eventually discover it’s not a sales-man but a sales-woman - and Jo Scott (Rachel Shenton) is relentless and ruthless in her pursuit of success.

But there’s one prize she values above all - Vincent Swan himself.

White Gold, Wednesdays from March 6 at 10pm, BBC2


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