News: First Novel From John Robertson

Comedian John Robertson's debut novel is to be published later this year.

The Little Town of Marrowville, is being published by Puffin on August 1st, 2019. Illustrations are by Louis Ghilbault.

Robertson, best known for his interactive show The Dark Room, says: "It's been my life's dream to write a novel, and they **let** me! It's the funniest thing I've ever written, it's wonderfully violent - and it's allegedly for children(?!) I wrote it as something for everyone, so adults without kids, moody teenagers, parents, children - there's something in there for each of ye.

I hope you'll love it. "

The blurby synoposis is as follows:

In a town surrounded by deadly mist, and filled with oddities, two young siblings become orphans.

And that's the best thing that's happened to them all day.

Howard Howard was a Wrecker (a brute and bully by profession) who was brutal and bullish to his children - Aubrey and Aubrey's Sister. Howard Howard deserved to be turned into mince, and thanks to a mysterious duo called The Grinders, that's exactly what happened to Howard Howard.

Hunted by the police and their father's gang of Wreckers, the siblings find some new friends to help keep them safe: a talented burglar named Charlie (who has no bones, but a great moustache) and a sword-wielding assassin named Calo (who has a sword, duh.)

In a town already revelling in its own chaos and with new dangers around every corner, Aubrey's Sister and Aubrey stumble into a world of secrets, myths and monsters.

Pre-order The Little Town of Marrowville by john Robertson here.


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