News: Gilded Balloon Takes Over Main C Venues For Edinburgh Fringe 2019

gilded balloon

Edinburgh Fringe institution The Gilded Balloon is to take over the main C Venues location in Chambers Street this summer.

This follows reports that C Venues has lost the venue, Adam House in Chambers Street, due to issues over staffing. It had run the venue for almost twenty years. According to The Scotsman there have been accusations of exploitation of its staff. 

The Fair Fringe campaign said that the venue's business model was “built on exploitation, underpayment and overworked staff” and uncovered evidence of low pay.

C Venues will still be putting on shows at this year's Fringe, but it appears that their operation will be smaller this time, with the five Adam House spaces now being programmed and run by the Gilded Balloon.

Karen and Katy Koren, who run the Gilded Balloon, are reported to have said: “We’re absolutely thrilled to have been offered Adam House for the 2019 Fringe by the university. It’s a beautiful building, situated right in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town, and one that has been part of the fabric of the Fringe for as long as Gilded Balloon has been going. We’re excited about taking on the challenge of finding new shows and the opportunity that this new venture presents both artists and audiences.” 


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