TV Preview: Second Series Of Man Like Mobeen Out Now

mobeen played by Guz Khan

The second series of Man Like Mobeen is now available on BBC Three via iPlayer here. It will also air weekly on BBC One on Saturday nights starting on February 9.

Man Like Mobeen, written and created by Guz Khan (pictured) and Andy Milligan, follows Mobeen (Khan), a 29-year-old man from Small Heath, a reported no go zone for anyone who isn’t Muslim and a hotbed for terrorist activity. In reality Mobeen, like most other people in Birmingham, knows no terrorists and spends his time parenting his best friends Eight and Nate and - most importantly - his little sister and love of his family life, Aqsa. He does all of this alone, a very hairy mother, father and brother figure in the hood.

The series also features comedians Tez Ilyas and Mark Silcox.

Here is an episode guide to the second series of Man Like Mobeen. 


Episode 1 - Prom Night: TX Saturday 9 February on BBC One at 11.45pm

It’s Aks’s prom night - but will Mobeen let her go? There are rumours about the debauchery at previous proms and the threat of a stabbing. Mobeen must safeguard her at any cost. Things get complicated when a classmate of Aks’s, Ridwan, makes some very unwise decisions that leave Mobeen very concerned. Eight, meanwhile, is in danger of getting in too deep with a local wide boy and he's potentially going to drag everyone down with him. Can Mobeen manage to keep everyone out of trouble.


Episode 2 – Wrestling with the NHS: TX Saturday 16 February on BBC One at 11.25pm

When Aks breaks her shoulder and heads for hospital with the boys, Accident and Emergency is the state of play. With Mobeen, Eight and Nate looking shifty de facto, the authorities start to get suspicious about how Aks may have sustained her injuries. In the waiting room, we see life in an over stretched A & E. With our gang in a constant battle to prove their innocence, battle prejudice and of course keep Pakistani Rain Man (Eight) out of trouble.


Episode 3 – Return of the Pack: TX Saturday 23 February on BBC One (Time TBC)

They say the past is never far away. And for Mobeen, it’s about to punch him in the throat. Cal, an old friend makes an unexpected return to Small Heath, leaving Aks, Eight and Nate very concerned about what this means for Mobeen. Can he stay clear of trouble, or are things about to take a turn for the worse?


Episode 4 – Fake News: TX Saturday 2 March on BBC One (Time TBC)

Dogs and ethnic minorities have a very bad track record. So when a clip involving Mobeen and an Alsatian goes viral, it’s a disaster. Aks is drawn in by internet fame, while Mobeen tries to see if the spark between him and Miss Aitken (Aks’s teacher) is worth pursuing. The past finally catches up with our hero though, leaving him with some very difficult decisions to make. Our season finale will change the game forever.






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