News: Comedian Greg Cook Dies

greg cook tributes

British comedian Greg Cook has died. 

The news was posted on social media this evening (Thursday, January 31).

No other details have been released at this stage.

Cook, who was compared to Les Dawson, was a regular club comic and appeared at The Comedy Store, Jongleurs, The Glee, The Stand, Rawhide, The Roundhouse, Lee Hurst's Backyard as well as in Dubai. 

He was a finalist in the Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year competition in 2003. He also studied law and was a cabbie. 

Comic Phil Walker paid tribute to Cook on Facebook: "He was always great company and a great comic. I remember one car journey with him back from a gig where he made me laugh so hard I had to pull over for fear of crashing the car! Never had that with another comic before or since. RIP big fella xx"

Update: Scottish comedian Hamish Tennant has also died. More here.

Picture: Ian Fox

Watch Greg Cook below.


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