News: Jenny Eclair And Judith Holder Launch Older And Wider Podcast

Jenny Eclair (Perrier Award winning comedian, writer and star of hit BBC TV series Grumpy Old Women) and Judith Holder (best-selling author of the first Grumpy Old Women book and producer of the hit BBC TV series), co-writers of the internationally successful Grumpy Old Women Live stage shows, have launched their brand new ‘full-fat’, ‘batteries included’ podcast Older and Wider.

The weekly podcast, available on iTunes and SoundCloud, will see Jenny and Judith share insight, gossip and general news from the menopausal front and beyond. Tackling subjects such as the realities of being mother of the bride to online shopping tricks, the hilarious friends will welcome a range of guests, including journalist Eve Pollard, author Marianne Power, restaurant critic Kathryn Flett and journalist Viv Groskop.

Jenny Eclair says: “Expect 'twinge of the day', searing interviews with guests, including questions such as 'how many pairs of black trousers do you own?’ and guess what’s in the tin foil parcel.’ Plus, the occasional pearl of incredible wisdom, oh and Judith might treat everyone to one of her ‘off the top of her head’ recipes.

Judith Holder says: Think two game old birds nattering over the virtual garden fence about being so old you think J Lo is a drink, or having issues with ‘the undercarriage’ which make PMT seem like a Disney ride.”

Jenny and Judith have co-written the hugely popular Grumpy Old Women Live stage shows from their inception in 2005 to their latest collaboration GOW Live: To The Rescue in 2018. For over a decade the live shows have toured extensively both in the UK and internationally, clocking up nearly 500,000 bums on seats to date.

Older and Wider is available on iTunes and SoundCloud, and, they say, it is "well worth having your ears syringed for."


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