News: Harry Deansway Sets Up Kickstarter Campaign

Comedian Harry Deansway is raising money via Kickstarter to release his poorly attended live show on DVD.

He has already raised his initial figure of £1000 but is now looking for more so that he can release a top quality digital download and limited edition DVD of “An Audience With Harry Deansway” early next year. Deansways explains: "This is a completely unique take on the stand up special the like of which people won’t have seen before. Talking of 'won’t have seen' no one really saw it being recorded. I did invite people they just didn’t turn up. Yeah, ended up performing it to about 12 people, well at the beginning. I think there was about seven left at the end. Now I think about it it was actually one of the worst nights of my life. But that’s why I’m doing this Kickstarter."

"Together we can turn my worst moment into my best moment by getting this film out to the widest audience possible...And if it doesn’t take off then maybe we can listen to the imaginary TV notes and reshoot it with a big name comedian playing me. If you can’t donate why not provide emotional support by following me on social media I go by the name of Deansbomb on all platforms."

Yiu can pledge anything from £5 upwards. If you pledge £50 Deansay will "tweet out a thanks. You will get an advanced link to the download so you can watch before the rest of the world. A copy of the DVD. EXCLUSIVE to this tier a handwritten setlist from the show with notes. An invitation to either a test screening where your feedback will shape the finished film or the gala premiere (featuring a Q&A with the actual audience from the film, all 7 of them). You'll also get a signed unopened letter from a credit card company received during the period of debt mentioned in the show. Plus I'll do an illustrated portrait (Postcard size) of a person of your choosing. Plus a ticket to an all star comedy gala celebrating the release of the DVD at a central London Location (Mid-Feb)"

Find out more about the campaign and contribute here.


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