News: New Podcast From Jarlath Regan – Next Guest Romesh Ranganathan

Jarlath Regan, the comedian best known for his podcast An Irishman Aboard, has launched a new podcast about modern masculinity, entitled Men Behaving Better.  

Each month, in front of a live audience at London’s Other Palace Theatre, Regan talks to men and women (including so far: comedian Sara Pascoe, human rights lawyer Simone George, journalists Nadine O’Regan and Sinead O’Carroll, comedian Brett Goldstein) about the stuff men need to hear and are often afraid to ask about.  The show claims to be creating an environment and a conversation that isn’t being had anywhere else. 

Podcast highlights so far include:

Episode 1

Simone George, celebrated human rights lawyer and activist, speaks of the prevalence of violence against women. She details a jaw-dropping account of an act perpetrated against her in a courtroom during a trial in plain site of her peers. The hilarious comedian Fern Brady speaks candidly about her empowerment while working as a stripper and introduces her “Pizza Analogy” to better explain to men the sharing of rights and the enjoyment of both food and liberty.

Episode 2

Journalists Nadine O’Regan and Sinead O’Carroll lifted the lid on cases of abuse in Ireland. Jarlath poses the question to them of where forgiveness fits into the #MeToo movement. They ask if it’s too soon for this discussion and whether our understanding of forgiveness, punishment, reconciliation and redemption needs to be adjusted.

Episode 3

Comedians Sara Pascoe and Sindhu Vee try to understand where the fatigue around the #MeToo movement originates and what can be done about it. Star of Ricky Gervais’s Derek, Brett Goldstein examines the impact of his upbringing in a strip club has had on his view of women and their empowerment.

Episode 4

Deborah Frances-White and Jarlath consider if it is possible to separate a man guilty of terrible things from work he has done and its value. Actress Bronagh Waugh asks women to turn the mirror on themselves as she has while notorious cage rattling comedian Fin Taylor is asked how some of his more controversial comedy should be viewed. The question of whether it is ok to call someone out on their views remains a thread through this episode too.

The next episode will be recorded on December 6th and will feature guests including Romesh Ranganathan. Buy tickets here.  

Download the podcast here:



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