News: Date Revealed For More Vic & Bob's Big Night Out

The date has been confirmed for the new series of Vic & Bob's Night Out on BBC4.

This follows the success of their one-off special return to the BBC in December 2017 in which the duo reimagined/rebooted their original 1990s Channel 4 breakthrough series Vic Reeves Big Night Out.

The new series will start on November 28.

The four new episodes are made by BBC Studios and the series will mark the duo's 25th anniversary at the BBC which began with the Smell of Reeves and Mortimer and paved the way for shows including Shooting Stars, Bang Bang It's Reeves & Mortimer, Catterick and House of Fools.

When the new run was announced Bob Mortimer said: “We are so chuffed and excited to be given the chance to re-invent the Big Night Out so long after it all began. We shall make it as joyous and surprising as it was all those years ago.”

Vic Reeves added: "It’s playtime again. All these years on and we can still both do the splits. We can not be stopped.”

Bob Mortimer tweeted that it was coming later this month and included a picture of "Greg Wallace's Veg Van" drawn by Vic.

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