News: Taskmaster Winner Revealed

The winner of this year's Taskmaster has been revealed. I'm now going to waffle a bit now to avoid spoilers by ensuring that the name doesn't appear in any introductory text on any posts on social media. This is the same reason for using a generic, non-specific picture with this story. The competitors this year were James Acaster, Jessica Knappett, Phil Wang, Kerry Godliman and Rhod Gilbert.

OK, I think it's safe now to announce now that the winner is Kerry Godliman. The comic/actor was pictured holding the award and tweeted: "I’m still hugging it. It’s calming..." And referring to one of the tasks she added: "The thrill of winning ‘sausage or finger’ was life changing tbh."

The award-winning series will return for its eighth run in 2019.

Read an interview with Kerry Godliman about her Taskmaster experience here.

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