TV/Online Review: The Luke McQueen Pilots – Sex With My Father, BBC Three/BBC One

The second of his three pilots spoofing TV formats is a little close to home for comedian Luke McQueen. This time round he is tackling that modern phenomenon of comics doing travelogues with one of their parents in tow. After Romesh and Russell on the road with their mums and Whitehall and his dad meet McQueen and the man who apparently adopted him, fellow stand-up Mark Silcox.

Given budget considerations as well as humour potential their show, Luke McQueen: Sex With My Dad, finds this very odd couple in Amsterdam wearing comedy t-shirts and getting a belated sex education courtesy of erotic museums, sex dolls and live performances.

McQueen is very much the immature idiot with not a jot of self knowledge but plenty of misguided ego and a couple of balls of steel, at one point bravely doing a faltering stand-up set in front of an audience that has paid to see a live sex show. 

Occasionally there is an echo of David Brent/Alan Partridge in both his naive delivery and affected arrogance - he is so keen to create event TV he hijacks a guided tour (before he is booted of it) and complains abut his hotel room even though it's the one he was expecting.

If at times it feels like an extended sketch – sorry, make that a very extended sketch – extra value for money is provided by deadpan-dad-for-hire Silcox. At the start he says he knows little about how to be funny so picks up a book of Great TV Comedy moments and when you least expect it starts quoting lines from The Two Ronnies or Little Britain. 

At the start McQueen says he wants to make a fish out of water documentary. He certainly does that. One that you might not want to watch with your mum or dad on the sofa with you.

Watch here.

Picture: BBC/Talkback


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