News: New Book From Olaf Falafel Goes Back In Time In Search Of Parps

Comedian Olaf Falafel's latest children's book is published today. Old MacDonald Heard A Parp from the Past is published by Harper Collins.

Having previously investigated a host of strange noises on the farm in Old MacDonald Heard A Parp, Old MacDonald is off on his most hilarious adventure yet, on a parp-powered journey through the fart-filled past! Climbing aboard his time machine, no period in history is safe as Old MacDonald meets dinosaurs, Vikings and queens and visits Ancient Egypt and even the Moon in this laugh out loud parp-filled journey through history.

As well as finding comedic success onstage, Falafel has also enjoyed huge online fame with his short viral videos. These absurdist movies include a croissant-coiffured talking Donald Trump puppet, slices of truth telling cheese being thrown onto newspapers and the Bee Gees hiding in his beard.

Buy the book here.

Olaf Falafel is currently at the Edinburgh Fringe with his latest show, There's No I In Idiot. Tickets and info here.


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