News: Andrew Maxwell Fronts Uber Gig At Edinburgh Fringe

Comedian Andrew Maxwell is doing an Edinburgh gig with a the back of a car. Uber will be offering gigs with the double Edinburgh award nominee and King of Comedy winner from Wednesday 8 to Friday 10 August, booked through the app or via the Fringe website.

The ‘Comedy Car’ gigs will last for 15 minutes, giving passengers a taste of Andrew’s cutting-edge observational comedy and acerbic social commentary while taking in the sights of the Scottish capital from the back of a car.

Andrew Maxwell said: “The Uber Comedy Car gigs will be just like my stand-up, except, of course, I will be sat down. 

“I’m excited to do some performances in one of my favourite cities and hopefully the riders will all be up for having a laugh!”

Alex Robertson, Regional Manager at Uber, said: “Lots of drivers who use our app like to think of themselves as comedians, but it’s safe to say Andrew is going to set a pretty high bar. 

“To get 4 free tickets to the smallest venue in town all you need is the Uber app and a bit of luck. To secure a ride simply select the Comedy Car in the app and if you’re successful you and three friends will be picked for a laugh around town. Alternatively, if you want to book in advance you can do via the Edinburgh Fringe website.” 

The Comedy Car will be available in the city centre from 8-10 August between 13:00-15:00 on the 8th and 9th and 15:00-17:00 on the 10th. There will be 12 gigs over the three-day period. Passengers will be able to request the Comedy Car option using their Uber app. 

If successful they’ll meet the vehicle at a designated nearby pick up point. Passengers can bring along three friends (for a maximum of 4 people). Limited tickets will be available via the Edinburgh Fringe website here:

For more comedy by Andrew Maxwell, his new stand up show 'Shake A Leg' will be taking place at the Assembly George Square Theatre at 9.00pm all month. Tickets for this show are also available via the Edinburgh Fringe website. For more information on Andrew's 2019 UK tour go to

Note - it's not the first Edinburgh Fringe gig on wheels. Alfie Joey did a gig in a car over a decade ago, but not a moving car.


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