Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Craig Hill

I've been waiting for years for Craig Hill to become a household name. Ever since I saw him do a storming, riotous set in a Parisian comedy club over a decade ago. He's got that classic impish style that instantly wins audiences over. He's what I'd call a people person comedian. Hill, from East Kilbride, is already well-established north of the border but is about to get some well-deserved wider exposure this summer as a contestant on a BBC quiz show Impossible Celebrities, which should introduce a new audience to his camp humour and leather kilt. There is also the small matter of an Edinburgh run for his new show, C'mon The Lads, which is nothing to do with football, despite the title. And probably everything to do with cheeky smut. It should be an excellent night out.
Craig Hill: C'Mon The Lads is at Pleasance at EICC from August 1 - 26. Buy tickets here.
Picture by Steve Ullathorne
1. What is the last thing you do before you go onstage (apart from check your flies and/or check your knickers aren't sticking out of your skirt and check for spinach between your teeth)?


Brush my teeth! Not because they’re mingin, because it makes me feel fresh! Psychologically, it gives you that wee buzz, that little get up and go as if it’s the beginning of your day which in comedy terms it probably is.



2. What irritates you?


Cold trains! Do we really need air-conditioning in Scotland!



3. What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?


I once wore navy blue and black together - does that count?

No, I did an aerial assault course 100 ft in the air on ropes suspended from the ceiling for a TV show once - that felt very dodgy indeed!



4. What is the most stupid thing you have ever done? 


I once used a vegetable steamer as a biscuit tray because I genuinely thought that’s what it was for! I was mortified when I realised it was for daein’ yer totties!



5. What has surprised you the most during your career in comedy?


That the venue is one of the most important things. I don’t think I would have realised how important the setting up of a comedy gig was in the early days. I think the room either works with you or against you and it’s a joy when it works with you!


Interview continues here.


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