News: Kids Stuff for Magician Chris Cox

Magician Chris Cox is to present a brand new digital first title, Boggled, for BBC iPlayer and digital platforms including YouTube and CBBC Buzz.

Cox has performed in numerous sell-out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe in recent years and is one of the best mentalist/mind readers on the circuit. In his new TV show his tricks will involve characters from well-loved CBBC brands such as The Dumping Ground, Jamie Johnson and So Awkward.

New younger fans will probably not be directed towards his website, which is subtitled "I 'heart' Cox". Or if they are they will probably not get the double entendre.

Cox's new show is one of a number of new BBC children's programmes announced today. Another commission, School Bus, by Dominic and John Reynolds, is a brand new CBBC comedy that takes place entirely in one location - a school bus, as it journeys back and forth with pupils every day.

The central character is twelve year old Noah Beckett and the narrative focuses around the time he spends with his peers, catching up and telling each other stories from the day’s events. The bus is divided into three sections - the popular kids at the back, ‘the inbetweeners’ in the middle, and the well behaved kids at the front - and Noah is very much the boy in the centre. Effortlessly popular but not part of the cool crowd, in every episode he crosses the divide into each camp, with hilarious consequences.

Molly and Mack is a brand new pre-school drama for CBeebies featuring eight year Molly and her 18-year-old brother Mack. During the Summer holidays Molly is being looked after by a reluctant Mack who runs a vintage toy and record stall in the Big Hub, an indoor community market. The series follows Molly’s fun adventures with Mack, her friends and the eccentric but loving group of people who run the various stalls. Shot in Scotland with an entirely Scottish cast this warm family comedy highlights the efforts of a small community to improve their lives by hard work and through the love of home and family.



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