News: Hannah Gadsby Cancels Fringe Run

Award-winning comedian Hannah Gadsby has cencelled her forthcoming Edinburgh Fringe run.

Gadsby was due to perform her show No Bones About It at Assembly Checkpoint from August 2 - 26.  The run has been cancelled with immediate effect "due to scheduling conflicts."

Gadsby had said that she was giving up stand-up after her last show Nanette. This year's show was not a stand-up show and was listed in the Theatre section of the programme, though we were assured it would be funny. It is a serious Art Lecture about the massive blind spot in the male gaze. 

The Australian comedian, who has a degree in Art History and Curatorship wanted to show how to value what cannot be measured, how to look at art through closed eyes and why we must use our imagination to find all those women who’ve been buried deeper than history is prepared to dig. The press release says that "his year Gadsby is not joking, and she is so much funnier for it."

Gadsby has previously presented shows about art on television and done stage shows about art in Edinburgh and Australia. Her award-winning show Nanette is streamed by Netflix from tomorrow.

Please contact points of purchase regarding ticket refunds.


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