Review: An Evening You Will Forget For The Rest Of Your Life, Netflix

I'm not sure how this slipped through the net when it was released at the end of May but I'm glad I caught up with An Evening You Will Forget For The Rest Of Your Life. It's the show that Steve Martin and Martin Short have been doing on the road in America and it's probably the nearest thing you'll get to seeing Steve Martin doing stand-up, now that he seems to prefer to play bluegrass on his banjo when he gets onstage.

I was a little worried about the in conversation format as my blood pressure hasn't returned to normal levels since seeing their co-star in the Three Amigos Chevy Chase at the Eventim Apollo in January. But there is no deejay Mike Read doing the questions here, instead the two stars bounce off each other while chatting in comfy armchairs.

And before that chat session we get to see them doing proper comedy stage front. Steve Martin is up first, joshing with the crowd: "Marty couldn't make it, have a safe ride home" and apologising for the ticket prices being high because, among other reasons, he has to pay for "someone to walk my fitbit around".

The man who wrote one of the best books about comedy, Born Standing Up, certainly still has funny bones. As does Short, if they are a little broader and padded out with impressions of Frank Sinatra and other crooners. He's got a fair old dollop of energy for 68, I'll give him that.

The banter between them is a little like a low-level roast, full of gentle put-downs. "I think of you as a renaissance man and not just because you carry smallpox," says Steve Martin of his friend. Sometimes their gags are painfully corny: "I've got three children, one of each" but it is worth getting through them to hear Martin's story about meeting Elvis who showed him his guns. And the "human ventriloquist's dummy" double act (pictured) is a nice spot of insult comedy, mocking modern celebrities and politicians.

Yes, there is some bluegrass too towards the end, but if you want to avoid that you can always fast-forward that bit, which is not something you can do when you buy a ticket to see Steve Martin in person. But don't press that button too quickly, he is even funny when he introduces his songs. As I said this is a lot of fun to watch. One can only hope it has tickled Steve Martin enough that he might dip more than just his toes into stand-up some time in the future. 

Watch on now.


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