News: RBM Management Announces Edinburgh Shows From Ayesha Hazarika To Miles Jupp

RBM Management has confirmed its full list of shows for this year's Edinburgh Fringe.

They include new shows from political columnist/stand-up Ayesha Hazarika and misanthrope Andrew Lawrence. Comedian/impressionist Julian Dutton will be telling the story of the life of Dad's Army actor John Le Mesurier in Do You Think That's Wise? while Miles Jupp will be recording a new podcast.

The Edinburgh Fringe brochure is officially launched tomorrow, June 6, but tickets for all of the shows below should already be available at

Details below:


Julian Dutton: Do You Think That’s Wise?
1:10pm | 2nd -26th August | LAUGHING HORSE Cabaret Voltaire

Character comedian as the life and times of John Le Mesurier.


Stephen Carlin: The Opinionater
3pm | 2nd-26th August (Not 14th) | LAUGHING HORSE Espionage

Scottish Stand-Up, as seen on Stewart Lee’s The Alternative Comedy Experience.


Will Mars: Candid Cafe
3:30pm | 2nd - 26th August (Not 14th) | LAUGHING HORSE Bar 50 

Star of Fox’s Showtime at The Apollo


The Miles Jupp Interviews
3:40pm | 3rd-12th August | THE STAND New Town Theatre

Host of BBC Radio 4’s The News Quiz records a brand-new podcast with special guests.


Edd Hedges: For Eva, From Forever Ago
4pm | 1st-26th August (Not 13th) | GILDED BALLOON The Balcony 

Stand-Up and story teller, as seen on BBC Presents

Mark Simmons: One Linererer
4pm | 1st-25th August | BANSHEE LABYRINTH The Chamber Room

Dave’s Top 10 Jokes of The Fringe. Superb One-liner comedian


Graham Fellows: Completely Out of Character
4:30pm | 16th – 26th August | FREE SISTERS Maggie’s Chamber

New songs, new stories, from the man that brought you John Shuttleworth. 


Matt Rees: Happy Hour
4:45pm | 1st-26th August (Not 13th) | PLEASANCE COURTYARD The Cellar

Debut from the Welsh WINNER of Leicester Comedian of the Year. 


Alice Marshall: The Strike
5:30pm | 2nd – 27th August (Not 13th) | JUST THE TONIC The Caves 

WINNER of Best Comedy at Brighton Fringe, as seen on Comedy Central.


In association with Noel Gay

Ayesha Hazarika: Girl On Girl
6:45pm | 2nd -11th August GILDED BALLOON Wine Bar

Ex-political advisor, as seen on CNN. Discusses what’s next for feminism. 


Andrew Lawrence: Clean
8:10pm | 1st-26th August | ASSEMBLY Studio 3

Star of Live at The Apollo delivers his cleanest show yet! 


Joe Rowntree: Bit of a Character
8:45pm | 5th -25th August | BANSHEE LABYRINTH Cinema Room

As seen on Dave’s One Night Stand, a new collection of weird and wonderful characters


The Stevenson Experience: Spot The Difference
10:30pm | 1st-26th August | ASSEMBLY Studio 5

Australia’s musical identical twins return after last year’s sell-out debut show


The Lampoons: House on Haunted Hill
11pm | 1st-26th August (Not 13th) |PLEASANCE 10Dome

Late-night comedy horror show from 4 actor/clowns. Expect mayhem. 


Saskia Preston: AAA Late
11pm | 1st-27th August | PLEASANCE COURTYARD The Cellar 

Kooky one-liner act. Writer for BBC Radio 4’s News Quiz, The Now Show & 4Extra’s Newsjack. 


Sketch Thieves (Will Mars)
1pm | 2nd -26th August | LAUGHING HORSE Cabaret Voltaire

Joke Thieves (Will Mars)
8:30pm | 2nd-26th August | LAUGHING HORSE Cabaret Voltaire




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