TV Review: Peter Kay's Car Share, The Finale, BBC1

Well that was about as soppy as everyone expected Peter Kay's very last Car Share to be.

I did wonder for a moment if there was going to be an awful accident because John (Peter Kay) kept glancing at his phone or looking at Kayleigh (Sian Gibson). And in fact the episode did feature a smash, but not in the way I expected. It was caused by Kayleigh getting out of the car to save a hedgehog, causing the car behind to swerve and prang and then for the door of John's Fiat to be sliced off by a passing truck.

As a result they ended the episode together at last. But side-by-side on a Manchester bus in a lovely low-key public transport moment rather than in John's car.

The format was pretty similar to previous episodes. There were sight gags – Jean-Claude Van Man, Beaver Liquour anyone? – and some very nicely delivered gags. "Don't shit on you own doorstep." "I had to once. Couldn't get my key in quick enough."

It was probably not quite as emotional or spectacular as the lump-in-throat penultimate episode, even though we did get a big sentimental musical number from Kay/John – "come back my car share buddy" – and a computer assisted cameo from Robbie Williams-era Take That. "It's as good as any Gary Barlow that," said Kayleigh when she heard the song that John had written for her.

But is it the very last episode? Kay and co-writer Paul Coleman say so, but I don't know. Somehow I doubt it. And I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to see more of John and Kayleigh.

Watch on catch-up here.

Picture: BBC/Goodnight Vienna


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