News: TV Show For Jamali Maddix

Presenter Jamali Maddix will explore the wild west frontier of our strange new digital era in a new three-part series by Acme Films for Channel 4. Futureproof will follow Jamali as he meets the people finding new ways to sell sex, become celebrities – and maybe even change the world.

In a crazy, scary, unpredictable new world where there are no certainties and everything is changing, online businesses, social media and the internet have ripped up the rulebook and opened the doors to a whole new way of making a living.

But some people are embracing the change – not just riding the wave but diving headlong into it as they find new ways to flourish and thrive, reinventing reality and creating new opportunities for themselves and those around them.

Jamali will meet surprising and wonderful characters, encounter curious and offbeat ideas and meet groups brought together by their own unique take on the world. Each 60 minute episode will focus on a different theme to discover some of the main issues thrown up by the digital age: sex, fame and cryptocurrency.

Alf Lawrie, Channel 4 commissioning editor says: “We’re absolutely thrilled to be working with Jamali. He’s a perfect fit for Channel 4 - inquisitive, charming, funny, and utterly fearless – and we can’t wait to let him loose on this eye-opening new series.”

With warmth, humour and an ever-inquisitive spirit, Jamali will throw himself into the unregulated no man’s land of the new digital frontier to meet the workers, wannabes and visionaries creating a new world order on the digital frontline of sex, money and fame in a rebooted Reality 3.0.

Edinburgh & World Tour for Jamali Maddix.



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