News: Stewart Lee Discusses Spaghetti Western Music

Stewart Lee joins DJ Jonny Trunk on the second episode of Spotify Digs as the two discuss Lee’s playlist of spaghetti western music.

Spotify Digs is a new Spotify podcast that sees Jonny Trunk sit down with some of the UK’s cultural tastemakers to delve deep into the music that they 'dig', from the more obscure corners of Spotify’s vast catalogue. Trunk Records owner and crate-digging aficionado Jonny Trunk and his guest will talk through their specially-curated Spotify playlist each week and discuss the weird and wonderful tracks they have chosen. 

Stewart discusses his love affair with Western films: from teenage TV viewings, to midnight Parisian screenings, to his voracious post-gig appetite for spaghetti westerns. 

Stewart and Jonny speak about Stewart’s Spotify playlist which includes music by well-known composers like Ennio Morricone as well as music from films like Sabata and Johnny Hamlet.

Lee reveals how the comedy performer lifestyle has led to an enormous consumption of films: “I’m normally awake between about midnight and two in the morning, because of being awake from gigs, and the last two and a half years, I’ve watched about 150 of them [spaghetti western films]. I couldn’t tell you how fascinating it is because the quality wildly varies, there are only really three plots, there only appear to be about four locations, and it’s about thirty actors!”

Listen here.

Stewart Lee has also been added to the Space Shambles gig at the Royal Albert Hall on June 15. Details here.

Picture: Idil Sukan


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