Video: William Andrews Goes Viral With Nettle Sting Verse

Forget Shaggy and Sting. This clip featuring William Andrews discussing a nettle sting has gone viral. 

Andrews is seen talking about his young son’s run-in with some nettles and then recites this very earnest poem, unwittingly composed by his four-year-old son, that came about as a result of the incident. "It's bad. It's bad. It's the baddest. It's worse, it's worse, it's getting worser now. It's worser than the tree, than that house, than the river, than the rain. It's getting worse ow ow ow, I may never stop saying ow. Bring me to mummy, bring me to mummy, get me the cream."

The tweet has currently had 43,000 likes and 1.4million views.

Andrews, who has appeared in TV programmes including I'm Alan Partridge, Him & Her and Broadchurch, will be at the Bunker One at The Pleasance in Edinburgh from August 1 - 26. Buy tickets here.

Watch the viral Williams clip here:




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