News: Susan Calman To Discuss Depression On New BBC Podcast

Susan Calman

Comedian Susan Calman explores depression in a new podcast for the BBC, Susan Calman’s Mrs Brightside: A Cheerful Look at Depression.

Each week Susan and her guests will discuss their shared experiences, personal anecdotes and funny stories, whilst tackling topics that can be difficult to speak about. 

Last year Susan was a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing, where she reached the tenth round of the competition - and later she went on to win the Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour.

On radio, Susan has appeared on BBC Radio 4’s The News Quiz, The Unbelievable Truth, The Now Show, Dilemma, So Wrong it’s Right and has guest presented Woman’s Hour. She’s also recorded two series of her own sitcom and four solo series for the station.

Susan Calman’s Mrs Brightside is a new, original podcast from the BBC.  It joins the BBC’s existing podcast offer which includes some of the most listened-to podcasts in the UK.

First episodes of all original podcasts are available at BBC Podcasting House which allows audiences to easily sample great podcasts from around the BBC. 

Susan Calman’s Mrs Brightside: A Cheerful Look at Depression will be available to download in May.


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