News: Love Island’s Chloe Crowhurst Pranked by BBC Three Comedy Character

Love Island’s Chloe Crowhurst has been pranked by comedy character Miss Holland for a new BBC Three series. Crowhurst helped the wannabe beauty queen to de-fuzz nine months-worth of body hair in order to bag herself a man and get him to “slide into her DMs and slide into her bed”.
In her new series the self-titled beauty queen Miss Holland is on a mission to become a British lady and find her very own ginger Prince Harry. Her first port of call is to get a makeover with a British reality star, who had no idea she wasn’t a real pageant queen from the Netherlands.
Created by hit online comedian Eline Van Der Velden, new comedy series Miss Holland launches today on BBC Three and shines a light on British culture as the character interviews unsuspecting ‘experts’ and members of the public about what it is that makes Britain so ‘great’.
With Miss Holland shrieking as she received an intense waxing, Chloe also gave her some dating advice: “Go through your Instagram likes, see if there’s any fit boys on there, go on their profile, like their photos and hope they slide into your DMs, then slide into their Whatsapps go on a date and then maybe slide into bed!’
Eline Van Der Velden said: “Miss Holland holds a mirror up to British culture by asking the questions people might think about but might be too shy to ask. In Europe female body hair isn’t such a taboo and there is a perception of British women wearing lots of  makeup and being very glam  - I wanted to explore that in this episode.”
“For me, one of the biggest reactions was from my boyfriend after I told him that I’d be growing out my body hair to be waxed off with Chloe in the first episode. I’d stopped shaving to get more of a reaction but then filming got pushed back by nine months! I had to go to lots of summer weddings looking pretty hairy! He wasn’t impressed.”
In forthcoming episodes Miss Holland leaves a slew of unsuspecting contributors in her wake; from royal household staff through to religious leaders and rugby teams.
The show is produced by Van Der Velden’s production company Particle 6 Productions and is written and directed by Van Der Velden and Leslie Coutterand.
Miss Holland is available on the BBC Three website and BBC Three’s YouTube channel from today, 16 March, with a new episode appearing each week for six weeks


Watch Miss Holland below.




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