News: Eastern European Comedy Festival Launches In London

London is to play host to a festival featuring comedians from Bosnia, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Malta, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Turkey.

The first-ever Eastern European Comedy Festival will take place in various venues from February 21 - 25.

They will be performing in their native language for their communities and/or in English for anybody interested in comedy with a foreign accent. The link below says what language each show will be in.

The festival will showcase some of the greatest names and circuit veterans from Eastern European countries, such as Tin Vodopivec from Slovenia, Tomas Hudak from Slovakia, and Karol Kopiec from Poland. They will be joined by the best up and coming comedians, such as Doru Ivanov from Romania, Harri Soinila from Finland, Nagy Kitti from Hungary, as well as some of the best immigrant Eastern European comedians currently working the UK circuit, such as Victor Patrascan, Dimitri Bakanov, Saban Kazim, Olga Koch, Steve Hili and Radu Isac.
Radu Isac, co-founder and director of the festival, said: “We have been running a show called ‘The Romanians are Coming’ in London for the last couple of years. When we thought of expanding it to a more inclusive Eastern European show, we realized there was too much comedy to fit in a couple of hours. We had no choice but to start this festival.”
The festival is hosted this year in the following venues: The Albany, Backyard Comedy Club, Betsy Trotwood, The Bill Murray, Comedy Carnival, Leicester Square Theater, The Museum of Comedy and Top Secret Comedy Club.
For the complete programme please visit


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