News: Behind The Gills Documentary For No Such Thing As A Fish

No Such Thing As A Fish: Behind the Gills is an access-all-areas look at life on tour with the multi-award-winning hit podcast No Such Thing As A Fish. It will be released on January 29. 

Behind the Gills contains biographical details, deeply probing interviews, hilarious outtakes, never-heard-before anecdotes, footage from the tour bus, baby pictures, and the truth about what happened to the podcast’s last four drummers. It’s a must-watch for Fish fans, a perhaps-watch for anyone who’s heard a few episodes, and a total irrelevance to anyone who’s never listened.  

NSTAAF is one of the UK’s most successful podcasts, starring James Harkin, Andrew Hunter Murray, Anna Ptaszynski and Dan Schreiber. Last year they played a 10-city tour across the UK, wrote their Amazon Top 10-selling debut book, The Book Of The Year, and were named one of iTunes’ most downloaded podcasts of 2017. The gang have now expanded into yet another medium - the behind-the-scenes documentary. 

The No Such Thing As A Fish team said: “Owing to a massive lapse in judgement, we allowed a film crew to follow our every move. Fortunately thanks to the magic of CGI, all the scenes of us trashing our hotel rooms, partying till 6am and burning rubber down the highways in a massive Spice Girl tour bus have been altered, at great expense, into lots of shots of Dan ironing his shirts.”

The four episodes will be available online from January 29th on iTunes, Apple and Amazon for £1.49 each or £4.99 for all four.


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