News: Josie Long's Feature Debut To Premiere At Glasgow Film Festival

Josie Long’s debut feature film as writer and lead actor is to have its first public screening at the Glasgow Film Festival. 

The film, set in Glasgow and co-starring Scottish actor Sean Biggerstaff, is called Super November and has been described as a “mixture of mumblecore romantic comedy and Orwellian dystopia”. It is directed by Douglas King, who Long also worked with on the short film Let's Go Swimming and Romance and Adventure.

Long spoke to me about the film in 2016 and explained how it was made on a shoestring: “We realised that we couldn’t get actors to work unpaid for a month but thought we could get them for two weeks, so we did a two-week shoot in May and have another one in October. The idea is that it starts off as a relationship story about slackers and then there is a military coup in Scotland and it becomes a thriller. It was supposed to be a satire, not a documentary.”

Super November is screened on 3 Mar (GFT, 8.45pm) and 4 Mar (GFT, 1pm). Tickets go on sale on January 29.

The full festival programme with ticket links is here:

More info here.



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