News: Lenny Henry Returns To TV Comedy With New Sketch Show

Sir Lenny Henry is set to return to his comedy roots with a new show. Featuring a mix of comedy styles, Henry is centre stage as host of the pilot for a new series entitled, It's Alive!

The Midlands-born comic veteran, who has been better known for his straight acting roles in recent years, will be joined by other comedians and guests in a mixture of sketches, songs, monologues and chat. The filming announcement says "be there at the start as It's Alive stakes its claim to the Saturday evening heartland."

Henry will feature in the first episode of a new dramatisation of Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys as the voice of Mr Nancy, aka spider god Anansi, airing on Radio 4 on Christmas Day at 11.30am. He will also be presenting an Archive on 4 documentary about Richard Pryor on December 23 at 8pm.

It's Alive! will be filmed at Pinewood Studios on January 26 at 7pm.

Apply for tickets here.


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