News: Guz Khan's Man Like Mobeen to Launch On BBC3

BBC Three, Cave Bear and Tiger Aspect Productions have announced that Man Like Mobeen, a brand new four-part series, will be launched as a box set on BBC Three on Sunday 17th December. Watch here.

The series, created by Guz Khan and co-written with Andy Milligan, follows a successful pilot last year. Mobeen (Guz Khan), a 28 year old man from Small Heath, a reported no-go zone for anyone who isn't Muslim and hotbed for terrorist activity. In reality Mobeen, like most other people in Birmingham, knows no terrorists, and spends his person al time parenting his best friends Eight and Nate and - most importantly - his little sister and love of his family life, Aqsa.

He does all of this alone, acting as a very hairy mother, father and brother figure in the hood. He's living the life...right?

The series is an insight into working class life as an ethnic minority, addressing issues including arranged marriage, the alt-right and racial profiling, in the setting of Small Heath, Birmingham.

Shane Allen, Controller, BBC Comedy says: "Guz Khan is hugely talented and through his character Mobeen he's created a brilliantly funny series with a new and unique comedy voice. We can't wait to share it with audiences on BBC Three.

A former teacher, Guz was a YouTube sensation. His video about Jurassic World featuring a Pakisaurus went viral, making headlines all over the world and to date has received almost 20 million views. With his star rapidly rising, Guz is in demand in film, television and the comedy circuit (including his soon-to-be-seen debut appearance on Live at the Apollo.

Man Like Mobeen will launch on BBC Three on Sunday 17 December.


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