News: Indie Film To Be Screened In London And Los Angeles

The Raisin, a short comedy film written and directed by award winning comic Rob Carter and produced by Sara Shulman and Tom Holloway, will have its UK Premiere on Tuesday 5 December.

Carter is also known on the comedy circuit for his alter ego, pretentious literary expert Christopher Bliss.

The Raisin has also been selected to play at NewFilmmakers Los Angeles on 18 November 2017. It won Best Foreign Short Film at the World Premiere at the LA Comedy Festival on 5 May 2017 in Los Angeles.

The film has also played at the Cannes Film Festival Court Métrage (Short Film Corner) and the April Monthly Edition at the Miami Independent Film Festival.  

The Raisin is a rural romance centred around the story of one raisin. This is the debut film from Rob Carter and looks at the effect loneliness can have on a person when they are finally met with the opportunity for companionship. The film stars Trevor Allan Davies (Game of Thrones, Kick Ass 2) and Helen Ryan.

Tickets for the UK screening at Pizza Express Live in Holborn at 8pm on December 5 can be purchased here. The night will also include live performances from Mae Martin, Sheeps, Katy Wix and Pierre Novellie

Details of the Los Angeles screening here.


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