News: Controversy Over Cancelled Jim Davidson Gig

Jim Davidson has gone onto Facebook to explain why his show last night in Exeter did not happen.

Davidson posted the following with regard to his scheduled show at the Corn Exchange:

"Deep apologies to the poor people who were expecting to see me at the corn exchange tonight. Kev and I have been waiting for news outside the venue. Kev just went round the front and saw that the managers have cancelled the show rather than fix the fisher price PA system. We were contracted to get in and sound check at 5. They let us in at 6 30. We could have fixed the sound system perhaps. But not at 6 30. And to be told "you are welcome to come back when its fixed" the lad doing the sound said "our proper speakers have blown up". Worse thing? The attitude of the two persons running the place and the bullshit that they come out with when they clearly know it is their fault. They will now be planning ways to blame me. I did not argue with them as i could be accused of saying anything!!! These women plainly showed they did not want me there. I don't know what else to say except sorry and shame on them. Please direct you complaints to them as I was still waiting outside the gig till 7 35." 

However, Exeter City Council has responded by saying that it was Davidson's decision not to perform. The Council claimed that there was no problem with the sound system. A spokesman for Exeter City Council said: "Suffice it to say we have a very different version of the events to Mr Davidson. However our customers are at the forefront of our minds today. We apologise to them for any inconvenience his decision has caused and will of course offer full refunds. Please do get in touch."




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