News: New TV Show for Russell Brand

Russell Brand is working on a brand new show for British television in which he will be interacting with the audience about controversial, provocative issues.

The Russell Brand TV Show sounds like it will hark back to Brand's breakthrough appearances on Big Brother's Big Mouth when he roamed around the studio with his microphone getting instant feedback from unhibited members of the public about the latest events in the Big Brother house.

Tickets are now available for what is being called a "run-thru" show, so the makers are looking for a wide range of people who are not afraid to share their views and join in the debate. Shy, retiring types need not apply.

What personal issues are holding you back? Sex and relationships? Drinking? Self loathing? Whatever the answer, come along and get involved!

The show is being recorded at 7.15pm on Novermber 6 at Canada Water Theatre in London. 

Apply for tickets here.

During the last election Brand urged voters to elect Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as the next Prime Minister in ana rticle written for the Huffington Post. He wrote: “Whether it’s the Iraq War or badger-baiting, Corbyn has been allied with common sense and compassion in pretty much every Parliamentary argument.”

He added that the Tory Party is “so hungry for power that it swallowed UKIP whole and is now belching the consequences into our faces”. He called Theresa May “a vindictive librarian drawn by Quentin Blake” and that voting Conservative would be an act of “sadomasochism”. In 2015 he famously said that he did not vote before siding with Labour and interviewing Ed Miliband. 

Brand is also on tour at the moment with his latest show, Re:Birth, in which he talks about the joys of becoming a father for the first time and much more. Buy tickets here.

Buy Russell Brand's latest book, Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions, here.


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