News: Date Confirmed For New Comedy Motherland

A full six-part series of BBC Two comedy series Motherland, starring Anna Maxwell-Martin and Diane Morgan, is due to start in November.
This follows the pilot episode that went out last year as part of the landmark sitcom season.

Motherland isn’t the public face of motherhood, it’s unromanticised parenting: competition, cafes full of kids, dog-poo bags standing in as replacement lunchboxes...

In episode one Julia moves out of her comfort zone and reluctantly invites the entire class to her kid's birthday party. With her Mum still refusing to help out she relies on Liz’s party hacks and Kevin’s entertaining skills. And anyway, she organises events for a living, this will be a breeze!

Motherland is written by Graham Linehan (Count Arthur Strong, Father Ted), Sharon Horgan (Catastrophe, Pulling), Helen Linehan and Holly Walsh (Dead Boss). It is a co-production between Delightful Industries and Merman and is produced by Richard Boden for Delightful and executive produced by Clelia Mountford for Merman.

Read a review of the pilot here.

Motherland starts on BBC2 on November 7.

Pictured: Anne (Philippa Dunne), Liz (Diane Morgan), Julia (Anna Maxwell-Martin), Kevin (Paul Ready), Amanda (Lucy Punch)


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