News: James Corden Criticised for Weinstein Jokes

James Corden had a mixed response when he made jokes about Harvey Weinstein last night onstage at the AmfAR Gala Los Angeles Friday night in Beverly Hills.

The talk show host quipped: “This is a beautiful room, it’s a beautiful night here in L.A. It’s so beautiful, Harvey Weinstein has already asked tonight up to his hotel to give him a massage.”

Reports suggest that there was "nervous laughter" in the room as he continued. 

“It has been weird this week though, watching Harvey Weinstein in hot water. Ask any of the women who watched him take a bath,"  he added. “Harvey Weinstein wanted to come tonight, but sadly he’ll settle for whatever potted plant is closest.”

Social media was quick to criticise Corden, among other things comparing his appearance to David Brent saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Rose McGowan called Corden on Twitter: “YOU MOTHERFUCKING PIGLET."

Asia Argento tweeted: “Shame on this pig and everyone who grunted with him.”

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