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25/01/2018        Leamington, Spa Pavillion    


26/01/2018        Leeds, City Varieties


27/01/2018          Northampton, Theatre Royal


02/02/2018          Tunbridge Wells, Trinity Theatre


06/02/2018          Canterbury, Gulbenkian    


07/02/2018          Brighton, Komedia SOLD OUT          


08/02/2018            Lincoln, Engine Shed              


09/02/2018            Bristol, Redgrave EXTRA DATE!      


10/02/2018            Bristol, Redgrave SOLD OUT            


11/02/2018            Oxford, Glee                                    


13/02/2018            Bridport, The Electric Palace               


15/02/2018            Leicester, Y Theatre                       


16/02/2018            Carlisle, Old Fire Station        


17/02/2018            Whitehaven, Rosehill Theatre        


18/02/2018            Edinburgh, The Stand SOLD OUT


19/02/2018            Glasgow, The Stand SOLD OUT        


20/02/2018            Newcastle, The Stand SOLD OUT


21/02/2018            Sheffield, Memorial Hall       



23/02/2018            Swindon, Arts Centre                       


24/02/2018            Liverpool, Epstein Theatre EXTRA DATE! 


25/02/2018            Salford, Lowry SOLD OUT                  


27/02/2018            Norwich, Arts Centre SOLD OUT


28/02/2018            Aldershot, West End Centre SOLD OUT


01/03/2018            Banbury, The Mill Arts Centre        


02/03/2018            Bath, Rondo SOLD OUT        


03/03/2018            Bath, Rondo SOLD OUT        


04/03/2018            Portsmouth, Wedgwood      


06/03/2018            Exeter, Phoenix                   


08/03/2018            Maidenhead, Norden Farm Arts Centre


09/03/2018            Hemel Hempstead, Old Town Hall SOLD OUT


10/03/2018            Cambridge, Junction SOLD OUT


11/03/2018            Salford, Lowry SOLD OUT                


13/03/2018            Hemel Hempstead, Old Town Hall EXTRA DATE!


14/03/2018            London, Leicester Square Theatre SOLD OUT


15/03/2018            London, Leicester Square Theatre SOLD OUT


16/03/2018            London, Leicester Square Theatre SOLD OUT


17/03/2018            London, Leicester Square Theatre SOLD OUT


18/03/2018            Cardiff, Glee Club SOLD OUT            


21/03/2018            Birmingham, Glee Club         


22/03/2018            Nottingham, Glee Club SOLD OUT     




24/03/2018            Salford, The Lowry                                  


26/03/2018            Derby, Derby Theatre                           


27/03/2018            Colchester, Arts Centre         


28/03/2018            Cambridge, The Junction      


29/03/2018            Stockton, The Arc                               


30/03/2018            Durham, Gala Theatre                       


31/03/2018            Milton Keynes, The Stables               


03/04/2018            Norwich, Playhouse                            


04/04/2018            Leamington, Spa Pavillion                   


05/04/2018            Cardiff, Glee                                          


07/04/2018            Potters Bar, Wyllyotts Theatre                                


08/04/2018            Basingstoke, Haymarket Theatre       


10/04/2018            Maidstone, Hazlitt Theatre                 


11/04/2018            Frome, Cheese and Grain                   


12/04/2018            Oxford, Glee                                       


13/04/2018            Melton Mowbray, Melton Theatre   


14/04/2018            Horsham, Capital Theatre                    


15/04/2018            Edinburgh, Royal Lyceum                     


17/04/2018            Brighton, Komedia                               


18/04/2018            Bath, Komedia                                     


20/04/2018            Barnsley, Civic                                     


24/04/2018            Nottingham, Playhouse Theatre


25/04/2018            Coventry, Warwick Arts Centre          


26/04/2018            London, Eventim Hammersmith Apollo PLUS WELSH


04/05/2018            Machynlleth Comedy Festival           


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