TV Review: Josh, Series 3, Episode 2, BBC3/BBC1

I wish somebody would explain the logic of how the BBC schedules programmes. Why, for example, is the whole of Upstart Crow available online from the moment the series starts on BBC2, whereas Josh, which is an online BBC3 series is being drip-fed to fans week-by-week as if, well, as if it was a real TV programme. Yes, I know it is a real TV programme, but you know what I mean. And just to muddy things further it also airs on BBC1 – it just feels like fuzzy logic to me. If anything is going to be released boxed set-stylee it should be an online show surely...

Anyway, enough of this dithering, there are enough lovely moments in this second episode to make it worth watching however you watch it. They say write about what you know and Josh Widdicombe and co-writer Tom Craine have done just that. This week Josh's agent Rick* - exquisitely played by Tom Allen - advises him that if he wants to raise his profile and get on topical TV show Stop The Press (can't think what show they mean..) he should support the programme's host Max Thompson** (Oliver Coopersmith***) on tour. Which he does, only to find he is not much more than a glorified chauffeur for a pompous upstart (can't think who they mean...too many to choose from).

Meanwhile back at the flat landlord Geoff (Jack Dee) has dusted off his old childhood board game of Hungry Hungry Landlord and is determined to triumph over Kate (Beattie Edmondson) at all costs. While we can see where this one is going a more fruitful subplot finds Owen (Elis James) dating real-life X Factor star Diana Vickers, but he starts getting paranoid and insecure about "the Strictly Curse" when she talks about appearing on Strictly Come Dancing. Don't the dancers all end up shagging each other? he wonders. We won't spoil things - if you can't guess what happens you'll have to watch for yourself. Either on the telly or on your computer, who really cares?

Watch online now here or if you are an old fart watch on BBC1 after Graham Norton on Friday nights.

*A lovely comedy in-joke is the poster on Rick's office wall advertising a gig at the Rosenthal Community Theatre – presumably named after Plebs star and fellow stand-up Tom Rosenthal...

**Funny how this is virtually the only role in the episode that isn't actually played by a stand-up comedian.

*** Just realised who he is - he's one of the scary villains in Tin Star (which you can watch as a boxed set or on Sky Atlantic...)



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