News: Joel Dommett Loses Autobiography Chapter

Disaster struck comedian Joel Dommett at the weekend.

The I'm A Celebrity breakthrough star tweeted the bad news yesterday that he has lost 12,000 words of the book he is currently writing.

"My computer decided to delete a 12k word chapter of my book that I hadn't backed up. HOPE EVERYONE IS HAVING A GREAT NIGHT GUYS"

The book is entitled It’s Not Me, It’s Them: confessions of a hopeless modern romantic and focuses on Dommett's misadventures in romance – from terrible dates to getting catfished – featuring "excruciating" teenage diary extracts following his quest to find The One.

The hunt continues for the missing chapter. The book is due to be published by Headline in February. 

Pre-order the book here.

Joel Dommett Goes Back Into The Jungle.



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