News: Simon Brodkin Pranks Theresa May At Tory Conference

Simon Brodkin has pulled off one of his most daring stunts yet.

He managed to get past tight security to hand Prime Minister Theresa May a P45 when she was making her speech at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester.

As he was being bundled out he was asked why he did it and replied: "Boris asked me to do it."  

Serious questions will now be asked about how Brodkin was able to get so close. While he was dressed as a delegate in smart shirt and tie and wearing a laminated pass, he was not really in a heavy disguise and security should have recognised him following previous stunts such as showering FIFA head Sepp Blatter with notes or tossing golf balls at Donald Trump.

"I've never seen such a security breach at a conference before," said the BBC's Norman Smith. He pointed out that it was the venue's security people and not the Tory Party's security that removed Brodkin before he was led away in handcuffs by police.

Read more about Britain's Greatest Hoaxer here.

Picture 5Live/Twitter.


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