News: Comedy Club Stages First Virtual Reality Gig

A gig claiming to be the UK’s first virtual reality comedy special is to be filmed next month.

Stand-up comedian Freddy Quinne's show Quite The Catch will be filmed for virtual reality headsets in Liverpool at the Hot Water Comedy Club on Monday 30th Oct.

“Basically, you’ll put your headset on and immediately feel like you’re there,” says Quinne. “You’ll get to experience the show as if you were sat in the crowd watching it, you can look around the room and it’ll be like you’re totally immersed in the experience.” 

“We’re even considering adding footage of queuing up to get a ticket and walking down to your seat to make it seem more authentic, although I imagine most people will want to skip that bit!”

Quinne hopes that filming with the new technology will inspire other comedians to do the same. “It’s a completely unexplored medium. At some point somebody had to film the first movie in sound and the first movie in colour, I’m really proud to say I’ll be the first comedian filming in virtual reality. It’s a watershed moment”. 

Tickets are free but must be reserved through the Hot Water Comedy Club website here.

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