News: New Tour for Angelos & Barry

Angelos Epithemiou and Barry from Watford have announced a new batch of dates for their New Power Generation show. The dates start on September 27 in Brighton and currently end on December 1 in Lyme Regis.

The unlikely gurus have explained what the tour will be like: 

Angelos: It’s actually going to be a very serious debate like Question Time. I’ll be Dimbleby and Barry will be everyone else like Russell Brand, Farage and all that lot. And we’ll discuss all the big stuff like the economy, ecology, Europe, superyachts. I don’t have a superyacht because it’s a waste of money. If I had all that cash, I’d spend it on something much more worthwhile, like an elephant or something that could fit in the garden. At the very least it could wash your car.
Barry: When we done a run-through in Watford, we came onstage with a Kung fu thing. We thought it was rather brilliant, very controlled, but then one day we thought it wasn’t really working at all. So we bought a Chinese dragon’s head for 170 quid off the internet and what we do is quite a vibrant opening using the dragon’s head. When we first wrote the show, it had a TED Talk style title but the honest truth is we’re going to be trotting out the usual rubbish and we’re now stuck with that title. There will, of course, be a number of important themes but if anyone can actually uncover them, that’s another matter.

Dates below
Wednesday 27th                        Brighton                        Komedia
Thursday 28th                            Windsor                        The Firestation Centre For Arts & Culture
Friday 29th                                 Selby                            Town Hall
Wednesday 4th                          Liverpool                      Comedy Central
Thursday 5th                              Hull                               Fruit
Friday 6th                                   Stafford                        Gatehouse Theatre
Thursday 19th                            Leicester                       The Cookie
Saturday 21st                            Cambridge                    Junction
Wednesday 25th                        Leeds                           Wardobe
Thursday 26th                            Manchester                   The Dancehouse
Wednesday 1st                          Wolverhampton             Newhampton Arts Centre
Thursday 2nd                             Tewkesbury                   The Roses Theatre
Friday 3rd                                  London                           Harpenden Public Halls
Wednesday 8th                          Lancaster                      Grand Theatre
Thursday 9th                              Dublin                           The Liberty Hall
Friday 10th                                MAMA                           Mandela Hall
Thursday 16th                            Norwich                        The Garage
Friday 17th                                 Barnard Castel              The Witham
Saturday 18th                            Whitby                            Pavilion Theatre
Thursday 30th                            Weston-Super-Mare      The Playhouse
Friday 1st                                  Lyme Regis                   Marine Theatre

Buy tickets here.

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