TV Review: Taskmaster, Series 5, Episode 1, Dave

The problem about making more than one episode available to view online before a series has aired is that idiots like me might not watch the show in the right order. That's why I posted a review of the second episode and not the first one earlier today. The Brucie bonus is that I was able to watch a second edition of this hugely enjoyable series today before it airs on Dave as well. Hardly a chore. 

And to be honest it doesn't matter what order you watch the episodes of comedy's answer to the Krypton Factor. There is not much in the way of narrative arc or character development. Sally Phillips, Mark Watson, Bob Mortimer and Nish Kumar are all very funny throughout and Aisling Bea is gloriously daft in all of them.  

It is hard to single out a few highlights in the first episode, there are so many. But let's just say you don't see Alex Horne having chocolate cake stuffed into his armpits every day. And it was very pleasing to see Horne get into Bob Mortimer's car boot (nice Audi) with Bob and the subsequent revelation that Horne's dad was a muffin man (yeah, right). I'd just like to know how they got out.

It was also extremely rewarding to see the rivals attempt to get a basketball through a hoop without using their hands and Nish "how d'ya like them apples" Kumar turning out to be less skilled than he initially appeared. I assume this event will be in the next Olympics. 

Episode 2 reviewed here.

Taskmaster, Wednesdays from Sept 13 at 9pm on Dave. Episodes are on UKTV Play now.

Champion of Champions Special Announced. 

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