News: Transmission Details for New Series Of Taskmaster

The fifth series of Taskmaster has changed its broadcast date. Contrary to what you might see on some social media posts it now begins on Dave on Wednesday 13th September, presented, as ever, by Greg Davies. The latest competitors will be set a multitude of bewildering new assignments with the capacity to inspire both rank incompetence and utter genius. As always, statistical beaver and general dogsbody Alex Horne will be at Greg’s side, eager to provide any assistance his overlord requires to aid the delivering of his ruthless judgements.

The comedians lining up are Aisling Bea, Bob Mortimer, Mark Watson, Nish Kumar and Sally Phillips.  

Seals will be broken, tasks will be read and unpredictable actions will then occur as the five comedians grapple with problems involving cuddles, candles and coconuts. Could you paint a rainbow in total darkness? Create a watercooler moment using a watercooler? Make Marmite? Yes? No? 

Taskmaster, Wednesday, September 13, Dave, 9pm. But if you can't wait that long episode one will be available a week in advance on UKTV Play. 


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