News: Early Vic Reeves Collaborator Not Dead

At the end of July it was reported that Alan King, who worked with comedian Vic Reeves at the start of his comedy career, had died. It now appears that this is incorrect.

The news had appeared on the internet and had been confirmed to Beyond The Joke. It is unclear how the confusion arose. BTJ has been in touch with people who have recently tried to reach King by phone and email. He had not responded but we have now been told that he is still alive from someone who says that they heard the news via his wife.

King was the person who introduced Reeves to Bob Mortimer in the 1980s in South London. He also used to perform comedy routines onstage but as Vic and Bob started to establish themselves he stopped working with them. Since then he has had a successful career as a guitarist and producer, working with various musicians including producing a number of albums by Bert Jansch.

Apologies for any confusion or distress.

If BTJ receives further information this page will be updated.

Picture: The Goldsmiths Tavern in New Cross. Now called The New Cross House.


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